It feels like we’re getting nothing but wall-to-wall coverage of the last big anniversary events here in DC. As the speeches wrap up, here are links to few things you may not have seen already.

To start, here’s a list of many of the commemorations that took place in the last week. I include it because of the list of exhibits at the bottom, most of which will be around through at least September.

This piece includes images of maps and programs from the 1963 March.

A long article from the Department of Transportation includes the note that the Kennedy Administration opposed the idea of including the Capitol grounds in March and states that 75-100 members of Congress attended the event. It’s a good read, including numerous quotes from period coverage and discussing, among other things, how people traveled to Washington and the traffic and weather conditions they encountered during the event.

One of the Library of Congress blogs did a short series on the March, including an interview with Rep. John Lewis, who spoke at the Marches both in 1963 and today. Other posts in the series contain audio and video recollections from the event.

C-SPAN has coverage of the July 31 ceremony in the Capitol’s National Statuary Hall.