–by Joanna Hallac

This Sunday, November 12th, marks our country’s annual commemoration of Veterans Day (it will be observed on Monday, November 13th), and as such, we always feel compelled to find ways to acknowledge this day and all those who have and continue to serve this country militarily. Last year, if you’ve been following us for that long, I posted about this holiday and its history. In doing so, I also had the good fortune to interview one of my former students, a young man named Max Iacovo, who served in Afghanistan as a member of the Connecticut Army National Guard. He was candid and humble about his experiences there and more generally as a member of the military, as well as what it has all meant to him. You can read that interview and all of last year’s post here.

As I mentioned then, it can be all too easy to go through our lives these days without thinking about or remembering all the soldiers still serving and all who came before them who have selflessly sacrificed for our country to ensure our safety and security at home and abroad. We all owe our veterans a debt that simply cannot be repaid, and as such it seems that the least we can do is take one day out of the year to give them the acknowledgment that they so richly deserve, though that hardly seems sufficient. I hope you will join me in thanking all of our veterans for their service and sacrifices.