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youngstownpride asked if we had any Jim Traficant buttons. We have one, and it’s kind of amazing:

And in honor of election day, a colleague asked to see buttons from members of Congress who ran for president or vice-president but didn’t win. Three from each major party (mostly buttons from their congressional races, but not entirely), which should give everyone something to feel satisfied about:

Rep. & Sen. Bob Dole (ran for VP 1976, president 1996), Rep. & Sen. John McCain (ran for Rep nomination 2000, president 2008), Sen. Barry Goldwater (ran for president 1964)

Rep. Geraldine Ferraro (ran for VP 1984), Sen. Gary Hart (ran for Dem nomination for the presidency 1984, 1988), Sen. John Kerry (ran for president 2004)

We’ve had a lot of fun with this series! Hope you enjoyed it too. Happy Election Day!