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Here’s a weirdly relevant pin from 1976:

This button is a recent addition to our collection and arrived without identifying the campaign from which it came, so we had to do a little work to figure out what it was about. Bluenc.com seems to have the answer.

In 1976, Tennessee Democrat Jim Sasser’s campaign to unseat incumbent GOP Senator William Brock caught fire with a campaign button that read, ‘I paid more taxes than Brock.'[…]

Brock, heir to a Chattanooga candy fortune, used an array of loopholes to pay only $2000 in income taxes the preceding year…When the figure leaked out, Brock released information from his 1975 return but refused to disclose any returns from previous years. As conservative columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak lamented a week before Brock went down to defeat, ‘In post-Watergate politics, how much taxes Bill Brock pays is more important than what he thinks. By refusing to reveal the taxes paid in earlier years, he keeps alive an issue that could have been disposed of weeks ago by full disclosure.’

Jim Sasser won the election and served three terms before losing to Bill Frist in 1994. He was ambassador to China under Bill Clinton from 1995 to 2001.

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