Regarding fast food and many other items for sale, bigger is better. That mantra seems to be at work with this button for Joel Broyhill‘s campaign, the largest in our collection.

Broyhill’s an interesting and complicated character. He served in the House, representing a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC from 1953 through 1974. He lost his re-election battle in 1974, perhaps in part because of his opposition to integration, which included a recommendation that the District re-segregate its schools; the campaign was certainly affected by the anti-Republican feelings running strong in the aftermath of Watergate. Broyhill was, however, also renowned for responding quickly and effectively to constituent requests. During WWII, he was captured by the Germans and held for 6 months before he escaped and rejoined the fighting.

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NOTE: If you’re located on the US east coast, you may have heard a thing or two about this giant storm that’s rolling into town, sweeping election coverage off the front pages at last. I’m going to try to keep this daily series going, but we’ll have to go dark once the power’s out and internet access is gone.