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–by Joanna Hallac

One year ago today, we here at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society began our blog about Capitol and congressional history, with a few occasional forays into other historical topics of interest. We’ve all enjoyed the chance to get to do some research and writing (we are historians, after all), and while this little experiment started off slowly, we have seen our daily views increase steadily over time, reaching over 22,000 total views to date. Given that it has been a year, I thought I’d put together a list of some of our stats, as a few are a little interesting. Here it goes:

Top posts of all time:

  1. The Naval War of 1812: Flight of the USS Constitution
  2. Columbus Day: A History of Controversy
  3. The Naval War of 1812: USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere
  4. Trumbull’s “Declaration of Independence:” Fact or Fiction?
  5. Veteran’s Day: An Acknowledgment of Service
  6. Capitol Hill: An Insider’s Guide—Brett Loper, Policy Director, Speaker of the House John Boehner
  7. What Does that Mean?
  8. Jewish Members of Congress: Then and Now
  9. Secrets of the Capitol Grounds: Olmstead’s Summerhouse
  10. FDR’s D-Day Prayer

Most views by country since February 25, 2012 (this is when they started keeping track of this particular statistic):

  1. USA – 12,744
  2. Canada – 503
  3. United Kingdom – 462
  4. Australia – 198
  5. Germany – 178
  6. India – 161
  7. France – 99
  8. Spain – 94
  9. Philippines – 93
  10. Russia – 91

**Close to 120 different countries and territories throughout the world have viewed our blog over this same time period

Top search terms of all time:

  1. D Day
  2. D-Day
  3. What the US issued to soldiers of World War I
  4. Brett Loper
  5. Was the Declaration of Independence fact or fiction?
  6. Gilbert Stuart works
  7. Women spies of the Civil War
  8. American Civil War and homesteading
  9. U.S. Capitol building Civil War
  10. History of congressional dress code

Most commented on posts:

  1. Columbus Day: A History of Controversy
  2. Jewish Members of Congress: Then and Now
  3. A Presidential Cow
  4. 1914 Capitol Pictures
  5. Washington on Display

I suspect that the second year and all subsequent years of this blog will become more and more challenging as time goes on, since the pool of Capitol and congressional historical events about which to write will continue to shrink; however, we have much still to cover and examine, and perhaps we will begin to expand our historical horizons a bit as we move forward. For now though, we greatly appreciate your readership and hope you will continue to view our posts and tell your friends about it too.

Got any suggestions for a new series of posts we should do? Is there something we haven’t done in a while you would like to see us revisit or a new idea you have for us to examine? Please let us know so we can keep improving our posts. Have a great weekend, everyone!