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Yesterday marked the 200th anniversary of the defeat of the H.M.S. Guerriere by the USS Constitution in the War of 1812. To commemorate that occasion, the ship set sail from Boston Harbor yesterday, the first time it has sailed since it turned 200 years old in 1997, for a quick, fifteen minute trip around the harbor. The ship is the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship afloat, and after its historic victory over the Guerriere, the Constitution earned the nickname, “Old Ironsides.”

If you’ve been following our blog for a while then you know we featured a post on this historic naval battle back in April, written by our spring intern, who like many others, had an interest in the naval aspects of the War of 1812. The post, The Naval War of 1812: USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere, is a fascinating read and a great way to commemorate this anniversary. Enjoy!