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How Many Modes of Transportation Can You Find?

In 1914 while on a motorcycle trip to Washington, D.C., Lee Roy Stoner of Kingwood, Pennsylvania took the above photograph of the United States Capitol. You can notice some work being done to the east central steps, as well as several modes of transportation. We count five. How many can you name? We’ll give you two—motorcycles and walking. You may have to look closely to see the other three. Once you find ’em, shout out in the comments.

Many thanks to Mr. Stoner’s granddaughter, Kimmy Armstrong, for sending us this image along with two other photographs taken by her grandfather.

Think you know the vantage point that made this picture possible? Know which building appears at the lower left? And where’d all those trees go? Let us know in the comments.

The two main buildings pictured here today are still standing, though one of them looks a bit different now. What are they, and where did Stoner stand to get this shot? Give us your best guess in the comments! Gold stars to the first to figure it out (not including you, USCHS staff).