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While doing some research this morning for today’s fact-a-day on Twitter and Facebook, I discovered this very interesting page from the CIA website’s library portion. It had more than a few stories that were new to me, including one about a woman who disguised herself as a “crazy man” to gather intel on the British in Georgia and then apparently single-handedly captured a group of loyalists who attacked her home in retaliation. There’s a link to an awesome picture (reposted below), which depicts Nancy Morgan Hart as an antecedent to every action star who ever won a fight while outnumbered.

Nancy Morgan Hart defends her home. (CIA, unattributed)

Also, Congress fired Tom Paine for breaking an oath of secrecy when he wrote to newspapers about early French support for the colonists, and various founding fathers developed codes and invisible inks to use while corresponding about war efforts and diplomatic concerns.

Check it out.  I spent far longer there than I should have this morning!