We’ve put up a few posts about our current exhibit, Helping Shape America: German Americans in the U.S. Congress from 1789 to the Present; this iteration focuses on the 1st and 112th Congresses. If you want to know more about the Muhlenbergs than mythdebunking, come by the Russell Senate Office Building near the Capitol this week.

Sen. Russell keeps an eye on the sun-dappled installation.

The exhibit is housed in the 2nd-floor Russell Rotunda, and congressional office buildings are open the public (just be prepared to go through a metal detector).  It’s there till midday Friday, October 28, so this is a great chance to check it out.  It’s free!  If you go, let us know what you think in the comments here.

The rotunda provides a grand setting for the exhibit.

The Russell Senate Office Building is located near Union Station and is bounded by Constitution and Delaware Avenues and 1st and C Streets NE.  Because the Senate is not in session this week, only some of the building entrances are open. The one on Constitution near 1st is a good bet.

Read the post about the Peter Muhlenberg trading his ministerial robes for an army uniform? This panel explores that story. Other panel topics range from the entire Muhlenberg clan to current German American members of Congress.