Welcome to USCHS’ blog! We felt it was high time that we had another way to discuss topics with history buffs and Capitol Hill folks, plus we run across interesting stuff all the time that doesn’t fit into any of our existing publishing platforms. At the US Capitol Historical Society, we focus on the history of the Capitol and Congress. That mission sounds limiting, but we’re frequently surprised by how much it encompasses—politics, art, DC history, crime, reform, passion, landscape, individuals, movements, change, stasis, technology…

Each month we’ll organize some posts around a theme, such as September’s recollections of the aftermath of 9/11. Other posts will tell a story, highlight something we’re researching, bring you previews of or reports on our events, or write up a great book or website we’ve found. Different USCHS staff members will write for the blog, and we’re hoping guest authors will contribute too.

So what are you curious about? Leave a comment and let us know what topics interest you, if you have any ideas for upcoming themes, suggest a guest blogger, or just cheer us on.